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The Man from Neptune
Vital statistics
Name Ultra-Nautilus
Species Triton
Origin Neptune


Many centuries ago, the Men of Neptune, while exploring Earth's great Oceans, journeyed to a terrible place, deep in the murkiest depths of The Deep Blue Sea. It is a place so deep that Deep Blue turns to Inky Blackness there, and only a thin layer of remaining rock separates the weight of Seven Seas from the World of Hollow Earth below. Up from the depths of “INDIGO”, meet “DEEP BLUE ULTRA-NAUTILUS”, dweller of the realms of mystery that lie between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.[1]


Cosmic Creators Edition Birnkrant Edition

Production PVC Deep Blue Ultra-Nautilus - The Man from Neptune. Purple with Gold Chrome accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Staff. First released on February 10th, 2012. Carded figure. Limited Edition to 100 pieces. Sold as a set with Blazing Inferno, Metalmorpho, and Goldiac. $125 each 4 figure set.