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WOM Umbr ver02.jpg
Evil Overlord of The Vilhain
Vital statistics
Name Umbreus
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


"The power of Monkaa is rightfully mine! Doom to all who stand in my way!"

Umbreus, first born of the Lord of Light and Mistress of Shadow. Forged in an attempt to bring peace and balance to the universe. That attempt failed tragically.

Impatient to gain the crown of Monkaa, Umbreus murdered the Lord of Light and cast a powerful spell upon the Mistress of Shadow. With the aid of mighty Brutok and The Vilhain, he seized the throne.

Terribly scarred in battle and driven from the capitol, he now wears a frightening helmet and has gone mad for power. He has vowed to conquer his brother Empyreus and take back what he believes to be rightfully his.



"Each character figure features painted accents, detail lines, and a removable tampo printed faction symbol. Each figure is made up of 25-28 interchangeable parts including a sword and a sickle weapon and interchangeable head/hand/weapon accessories. Each figure comes with a trading card featuring fully painted artwork, bios and details on each character. Gohlems also include alternate translucent Empyreus and Umbreus heads. $12.00 each.

Also available is a Close Combat Armory Weapon Set in six different colorways. Each set includes 14 interchangeable parts including 2 pistol builds, sword blade, sickle blade, 2 re-designed Dominar handles, and 4 bonus mini blades. $5.00 each. Additionally a special Weaponeers of Monkaa Extra Head Pack is available which includes 6 character heads in colorways available nowhere else! Each pack includes 10 interchangeable parts. $5.00 each."[1] The first series was released October 1st, 2012 consisting of the four key characters and two Gohlems (Crystal/Magma) for army building.


Based on the Bloodlust storyline.[2]

"DX Bloodlust Umbreus is a deluxe Weaponeer figure featuring additional paint details, a full set of bonus heads, sword and sickle weapon and bonus Vac Metal ABS Accessories! Each figure includes 35 Glyos System Compatible black PVC and silver chrome ABS parts, and a matching trading card. $15.00 each.

DX Obsidian Close Combat Armory is a deluxe Close Combat Armory includes a complete PVC Close Combat Armory in an alternate build plus bonus Vac Metal ABS parts! Each Set includes 17 Glyos System Compatible black PVC and silver chrome ABS parts. Compatible with all Weaponeers of Monkaa actions figures and other 6-7" action figure lines! $5.00 each." Released June 24th, 2013.[3]


"Umbreus as Vilhainatron is a super deluxe Weaponeer figure featuring additional paint details, a full set of bonus heads, sword and sickle weapon accessories, plus a full Close Combat Armory set! Each figure includes 45 Glyos System Compatible parts molded in metallic silver and black PVC with black, purple, and red paint details. Released August 21st, 2015. $20.00 each."

Vilhainatron follows in the tradition of our previous 80s toy homages with special paint details to depict a eternal villain from our childhoods. These are known as the '80s Power! Tribute action figures: The Weaponeer, Eternal Barbarian, Uncle Overlord, Fake Barbarian, Optimum Gearo, and Vilhainatron.