United Glyan Coalition
Faction United Glyan Coalition
Division of Glyaxia Command
Species Various
Origin Various
Command None
Rival(s) Gendrone Revolution


United Glyan Coalition - a division of Glyaxia Command. The first appearances of the Glyan coalition were referred to as the United Glyan Forces. By the time the Zorennor Rift was entered by the Zorennor Exploration Division & companion Zorennor units, the name had been changed to the United Glyan Coalition. After the events of The Council of Travelers[1], the Coalition disappeared altogether. Coalition regular Operator Cane went on to join The Council Of Travelers' Reydurran Operations Unit after the collapse. The insignia of the UGC has been incorporated by Glyaxia Command units since the disbandment.


United Glyan Forces

Classified Division Members

Esedeth Desert Assault Team Members

Esedeth Hostile Environment Team Members

Experimental Mechanics Division Command

Experimental Mechanics Division Members

Glyaxia Command Elite Members

Glyaxia Outer Battalion Members

Relgost Marine Division Members

Relgost Wing Division Members

Rig Crew White Skull Command

Rig Crew White Skull Members

Secticore Tracker Unit Members

Spectre Division Members

Stealth Division Members

Strike Team White Skull Command

Strike Team White Skull Members

Traedian Deep Hunter Division Members

White Skull Wing Division Members

United Glyan Coalition

Hades Force Command

Hades Force Members

Stealth Dimension Division Command

Stealth Dimension Division Members

Task Force Volkriun UGC Command

Task Force Volkriun UGC Members

Volkriun Commando Command

Volkriun Commando Members

Zorennor Exploration Division

Zorennor Recovery Unit

Zorennor Security Force



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