Andur and Toal Unstable Outlanders
Unstable Outlander
Vital statistics
Name Andur and Toal Unstable Outlanders
Species Outlander
Origin 481 Universe


Astrolog: Andur and Toal

The teleportation energies brush over Outlander’s body with a flash and standing in his place are two new beings. The green helmeted Andur glances over at his inverted double. Toal, the purple helmeted figure, stares blankly for a second until both Andur and Toal Jump back in sudden realization. In perfect unison they say: “Who’re you? You’re ME?! What happened? AAAAAAAAAH?!”

The great Ivory Elder speaks up and says, “Calm down you two, you don’t want to attract more SEG! I’m not sure what occurred here, but … you seem highly unstable. I mean look at you, you’re literally glowing! I may be able to fix you … both of you … Follow me.” The Ivory Elder teleports away and the two new Outlanders soon follow.[1]

Astrolog: The Moon Pool

The three Outlanders arrive at the moon pool. The Ivory elder says: “We must hurry! Who knows what may happen if you two remain this unstable. We must be quick though, the SEG may return. Get into these pools, the moon liquid may be strong enough to stabilize you.” Without questioning both Andur and Toal hop into their respective pools.

Simultaneously the healing liquid soothes their glowing pulsing bodies. Soothing quickly turns to agony, and they scream out in dimensional pain as their ties are severed and their bodies are transformed. “AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!”[2]



Production PVC Andur Unstable Outlander - Glow in the Dark and Clear Purple Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released December 13th, 2013. $8 each.[3]


Production PVC Toal Unstable Outlander - Clear Purple and Glow in the Dark Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released December 13th, 2013. $8 each.[4]


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