Glyninja of Silence
Vital statistics
Name Urai
Species Glyan
Origin Unknown


Also see Urai featured in the Bit Figs Ninja Series and Shin Urai from Battle Tribes.


Clan of the Glyninja

Satraku Clan members Tana, Iken, and Urai

"During the darkest days of the Old War, many unnatural scientific experiments were performed in desperation, justified by those in power as a means to hasten the end of the violent conflict that held all of Glyos in its tightening grip.

Horrifying bio-mutations and genocidal machines of mass destruction tore into existence from the rampant abuse of long guarded secrets thought securely hidden by the passage of time.

As each planet's government pushed for total system-wide domination, many of these abominations began turning on their creators, indiscriminately spreading devastation wherever they roamed. Standard countermeasures proved ineffective, as these ultimate weapons of war were specifically designed to be nearly unstoppable by even the most lethal regulation hardware.

Advanced Glyninjas (Glyninja figure and two Swing Joint Sets)

Sensing this growing danger from afar, an ancient order of warriors known as the Satraku Clan, who had operated in the shadows for generations safeguarding Glyos against deadly threats, moved into action. Utilizing unorthodox tactics and skills that could only be executed by those born and raised within the practice of the Satraku Clan, small groups of Satraku "Glyninjas" began a silent mission to eliminate these vile monstrosities with extreme prejudice.

This clandestine task lasted longer than the Satraku Clan anticipated, and many honorable Glyninjas fell across countless battles. By the time the Old War came to an end after Planet Metran's legendary treachery, the Satraku Clan had been nearly wiped out of existence...but so had almost all the cursed beasts of war they had originally set out to destroy.

With the rise of Capital Planet Metran, the Satraku Clan once again faded into the shadows, awaiting their next call to arms.

Until now."[1]

Bit Files: Satraku Clan

"Chosen to carry on the legacy of The Silent Blade, Urai bravely protects the Satraku Clan without a sound."[2]

Clan of the Glyninja

Wave 57

Glyninja Urai

Includes one Glyan figure with new Glyninja head, 1 full Glyarmor set, plus 1 special edition Robo Force Blaster and Scarf. 42 total parts. $15 each.


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