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The Bitkeeper
Vital statistics
Name Varriun
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


The Bitkeeper

Gatekeeper Varriun

"While mapping the various otherworldly planes that the last remaining Dimension Gates still had access to, Gatekeeper Viyer discovered a world unlike anything ever recorded before, even within the esoteric Gatekeeper Codex.

Upon crossing into this odd place, Viyer and his companion, Gatekeeper Varriun, found their appearances drastically altered. Within an instant, every curve became angled and hyper defined, their very beings totally compressed and reformatted into geometric patterns. They had become captured "bits" of information, completely stored within cube-like forms.

After a prolonged exploration into this incredible "Bit World", it was decided that Gatekeeper Varriun would remain to collect more information, while Viyer would return back home to document what, and whom, they had uncovered on their expedition.

Varriun remains to this day, a Bitkeeper beyond the Gate."[1]