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Another Dimension
Vital statistics
Type Rift
Location Between Space
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Rift Killers, Teal Knight


Vector Jump Knights use the Vector to travel between dimensions. Teal Knight, on a secret mission, abandoned the Knights of the Slice to become the leader of the Rift Killers who lived within the Vector itself. From their secret space hulk of a ship he plans revenge on planet Earth.

Within the Glyos System a curious space phenomena known as the Vector Triangle exists and Outpost Odesskar was established to watch over it.


Outpost Odesskar


Commander Nillin and the Deep Space Glyans

"With bold yet tempered authority, Commander Nillin sternly oversees the rigorous operation of Outpost Odesskar.

Assigned to monitor and secure all activity within the dimension bending Vector Triangle, the majority of Outpost Odesskar's personnel are selected specifically for their rare ability to function normally within the Vector Triangle itself.

Those not possessing this special immunity inevitably begin experiencing strange hallucinations when they enter the Vector, haunted by the overwhelming feeling that they are slowly being pulled into an alternate reality beyond all comprehension.

This so-called "Vector Effect" seems to have no noticeable influence over either Travelers or Sincroids."[1]

Origin: Rift Killer

An odd anomaly has been birthed from the Vector. The only things we know are - it's mad and it's teal-colored. Is it a relic from the past? Or possibly a new threat?[2]

Scouting Earth

The very first Rift Killers to cross over the barrier from the Vector into our world, the 5Points R.K.s are here to scout Earth for possible enslavement.

The Legend of the Chorager

"A mere soldier of the Great War on Earth, but an architect of worlds within the Vector."


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