Veridiohm store
Servants of Balance
Vital statistics
Name Veridiohm
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


"We are the Veridiohm. We are above your petty motivations. We serve balance, peace, stasis. If you cannot give reason, you will be destroyed."

"Empyreus awoke and the strange green light doppelganger looked at him quizzically. He looked around and realized he was no longer floating in a black void, but appeared to be back in the Gearo Citadel. Or at least a copy of it created out of green light. The doppelganger spoke.

"You are Empyreus, Lord of the Gearo. We are the Veridiohm. We have no form. We are thought. We are energy. We are idea. We have heard the song of your soul. We take a form familiar to you. We create an environment familiar to you. We must gain knowledge from you. Why are you here?"

"I am lost. I fought a great battle against my brother, my enemy, and found myself here in your realm," answered Empyreus.

"We have seen this in your soul. We know how you came to be here. Why are you here now? What do you want? What do you intend to do? Tell us. Tell us that we may decide," demanded the Veridiohm tonelessly.

"I just want to go home," said a weary Empyreus.

"We know that is your desire. What is your intention? How will you affect the Futurestream? Tell us that we may decide," said the Veridiohm again.

"Decide what?" asked Empyreus in frustration.

"That we may decide if we must destroy you, Empyreus, Lord of the Gearo," answered the Veridiohm. "We know of rage. We know of destruction. We know of love. We know of betrayal. We know of war. We know of fear. They threaten the Futurestream. We learned of these things from the one called Brutok. We heard the song of his soul. He threatened the Futurestream."

"Where is Brutok?" asked Empyreus with furrowed brow.

"We destroyed the one called Brutok. Now help us decide if we must destroy you."[1]


The Golden Age

Based on the Golden Age storyline.[2]

"Veridiohm is a standard Weaponeer figure includes a full set of bonus heads and sword and sickle accessories. Each figure includes 31 Glyos System Compatible Translucent Green PVC parts. $12.00 each.

A Black Eyes variation was discovered to be mixed in with the initial sale assortment of White Eyes Veridiohm.

Close Combat Armory is a standard Close Combat Armory ships un-assembled and includes 14 Glyos System Compatible Translucent Green PVC parts. Compatible with all Weaponeers of Monkaa actions figures and other 6-7" action figure lines! $3.00 each." Released January 24th, 2014.[3]


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