Deadly Mutating Virus
Vital statistics
Name Villser
Species Villser
Origin Odravunn


The Villser threat has been with the Glyos System since the beginning. It united the planets & factions together to put it down, yet still remains a possible growing threat for the future as well. The Villser influence over the creation of the Axis Joint Set led to the split between Argen and Enyriun over whether the Gendrones should even use such a thing in their ongoing rebellion.

The Metamorphic Lifeform Villser has since entered the Glyos System bringing a wave of change with its Villser Fusion and Axis Evolved Villser abilities. With Traveler Villden siding with the Villser a faction formed.

Character History

Lost Projects: Villser Prototype


Villser concept art

"Keeping with the Lost Project theme, this shelved Villser sculpt has a pretty strange origin.

Back in September 2010, Jesse and I were preparing for our usual trip to China when we were told that an opportunity to make polystone statues had come up. This was due to a particular customer deciding at the last minute not to move forward on a certain project at the time. This left our factory with a lot of raw material and labor that was set to be used for said project. In general I'm personally not really big into statues, as it's just about as far removed from Glyos as possible, but after talking about it, Jesse and I decided to give it a try.


Villser concept art


Villser prototype

The idea was to travel to the factory, add some extra days to our stay and sculpt stuff while we were there. When we arrived we got settled and then went to meet the "Polystone Master", as each arm of the operation had a designated boss. This guy was a little different though, in that he had a kind of Tony Soprano feel to him, with a "you WILL complete the polystone project before you leave OR ELSE" type tone. Jesse referred to him as "Mister Christmas" because his showroom was absolutely filled with cutesy Christmas themed polystone products. How ironic.

When we returned to the hotel room we looked at each other and then immediately broke out the sculpting gear. We both worked like panicked, sweat drenched prisoners for three full days, only leaving the room to grab food and stop by our factory a few times. I had initially thought about sculpting a crazy version of Scar Pheyden or even Blue Eye from Gear's Edge, but the Villser reared its bulbous head instead. Jesse sculpted away on an alien steed for Callgrim.


Villser concept art

In the end, we both realized that doing the polystone thing was ill conceived from the beginning, and finally came clean that it was not for us, even at the risk of facing the wrath of the nefarious Mister Christmas. After some raw fear and absolutely exquisite agita, Jesse and I were relieved to get back to our regular operations.

During the construction of what was to be the polystone Villser, I was secretly hoping for it to eventually become a vinyl piece, hence the very neutral pose. Originally it had one arm sculpted, but that was lost somewhere along the way to its final destination, which is a spot right under my desk."[1]


The Old War

"During the Old War, many horrible weapons of mass destruction were created and put to use, bringing the entire Glyos System to the brink of absolute devastation. Even the great symbol of peace, the mighty Gobon Gendrone, was corrupted by the desperate hands of aggression. Many Gobons tried to resist their new missions, but in the end they each carried out their orders with deadly efficiency.

Only the appearance of an ancient enemy, the Villser, was able to restore unity, as all of Glyos rallied to stop the Villser threat."[2][3]

Villser Confrontation

"Following the path of combining the Exellis and Pheyden figures the latest beast to materialize is the Villser. These skeletal wraiths absorb different beings and even each other in an effort to become the perfect synthesis of their race and ultimate life form. Though their primary goal is the same, the Villsers are extremely hostile, making no distinction between friend or foe, either absorbing or destroying anything in their way. Pheyden wears a special Trapping Suit to aid him in stopping a renegade Villser that has boarded the Edgeliner Delphi in an attempt to absorb Aves."[4]

Bio Pheyden VS Shadow Villser


Bio Pheyden VS Shadow Villser

"After the first encounter with the alien absorbing Villser, Pheyden summoned another version of himself that was better suited for combat with these deep space beasts. Enter Bio Pheyden, one of the strongest alternate Pheydens in any known dimension. Wearing a special hardened Flexion Suit, Bio Pheyden actually comes from a world infested with the Villser species. The Shadow Villser is perhaps the most efficient and dangerous form that these beasts can evolve into, capable of hopping through dimension rifts to spread their deadly menace. Bio Pheyden had been tracking a group of them for some time and was more than ready to strike when the first Pheyden contacted him for assistance. However, things took an unexpected turn when Bio Pheyden got into some trouble..."[5]

Bio Pheyden Villser Mutation

"After nearly being destroyed by a renegade Villser, Bio Pheyden begins to lose control of his form, strangely mutating into hybrid creature. Somehow the wounds inflicted by the Villser infect Bio Pheyden's system, causing a unique transformation into an advanced, all new lifeform. This new specimen's first act is to create two smaller clones to do it's bidding . Is there any part of Bio Pheyden's mind left in this beast? Is this the true power of the Villser, to corrupt all living things? A Pheyden from a deadly dimension may hold the answers..."[6]

Glyaxia II: Escape From Block Base


"Time is swiftly folding against us."


Akurriax's presence

"What awful corruption has Glyaxia brought upon the Travelers?" asked Grellanym. "I sensed our ancient enemy's very life force pulsing through those twisted Dark Traveler forms."

"It's the same energy as I felt within the one called Argen..." agreed Gryganull.

Grellanym was puzzled, "The Gendrone we met at the gathering before these events came upon us?"


"Block Base itself is your enemy now..."

"Yes, the very same." Gryganull sadly confirmed. "I could feel a familiar darkness slowly creeping out from behind its shining armor." He paused, "The darkness that is..." It.. no.. he was certain, though. "...the Villser."

"Time is swiftly folding against us." Grellanym noted. "Our clan must be warned of the discoveries we have made here!"


"I imagine these mutations are born from the trace elements of the Villser Virus that dwell deep within all Axis Technology. Under certain conditions, strange changes begin to occur, overriding the control mechanisms that keep Axis based upgrades in check. The resulting configurations echo the ancient form of the original Villser, albeit in an extremely diminished (though still dangerous) state."[7][8]

Tale of the Super Crayboth

"Long ago, we fled our homeworld of Odravunn, which is located deep within the Zorennor Rift, and found our way to the Glyos System, settling on the Sporian planet Alcray. Our former masters, the Voss, are considered to be one of the oldest species in the known systems, Zorennor or otherwise. The Villser were originally designed by the Voss to be the perfect hunters, capable of altering their base Villser forms to quickly adapt to any environment. Our masters, the Voss, created our race to serve as a psychic energy source and power stabilizer for our metamorphic counterparts, the Villser. Three Voss Biovessels followed us through the Zorennor Rift, in pursuit of our fugitive fleet. If not for a Villser insurrection aboard the Voss Command Biovessel, we would have never won our freedom.

When we encountered the being known as the Gliporian during an altercation with two space trappers, our psychic analysis showed that its bio structure had been manipulated by the Voss. The Gliporian's metamorphic abilities and gelnos form greatly mirrored the original Villser core design. The Super Crayboth were engineered to combat the Villser, as well as the Voss. Axis technology must be used wisely, it holds a familiar dark power within. The true force to fear is the Gendrone known as Argen. We have foreseen a rising Gendrone Empire..."

Torn Asunder: The Gendrone War

After serving as Argen's right hand through many missions, Enyriun takes the form of a Hi-Phaseon, finally making a move to break free of his former friend's increasingly dark machinations and liberate his fellow Gendrones from Argen's command.[9]

"Enyriun's philosophies echo closely to those of Argen's, minus the growing need for dominion over all other lifeforms in the quest for complete transcendence. Argen's reliance on the Villser-born Axis Tech initially granted tremendous power to the Gendrone Forces. Unfortunately, without the proper controls in place, the Axis Tech also linked those that utilized it to something driven almost solely by the need to evolve through domination.. the Villser Virus itself.


The Gendrone War (8-bit style)

The Renegades sensed the darkness within Argen when they first met and eventually sent their "children", the Phaseons, with Argen in the guise of support, but with a secret protocol to neutralize the rebellious gendrone in the event that things spun out of control.

What the Renegades did not predict was that most of the Phaseons would come to truly believe in Argen's core ideology.

Only Enyriun remained absolutely dedicated to the original Phaseon mission, determined to avoid a terrifying vision of the future that had been granted to the lone Phaseon upon the moment of its awakening into true sentience.

This vision of a "Gendrone Empire" was also experienced by the Crayboth Twins, Gryganull and Grellanym, bonding them to Enyriun through an unprecedented bio mechanical psychic link."[10]

A Villser Core

"As time wore on, Argen could feel the deepening effects of the Villser Virus on his being, reaching down into the very core of his programming, changing everything from within. He was becoming smarter, stronger and faster with every passing day, but a growing darkness was also taking hold.

Following each evolution, more access to the Villser's ancient collective knowledge was granted, along with an insatiable hunger for even greater cosmic awareness. This powerful drive pushed Argen to track down and access the Sendollest Buildstation database, delving further into the secret history of the Buildman Project and the deadly abominations that were created in the name of victory against the Villser threat.

Through a series of cyber-synaptic connections, Argen learned that his original design was actually patterned after the great enemy of Glyos itself, thus revealing that the Buildman Project had been directly based on the genetic blueprint of the Villser Virus all along.

Upon discovering the truth behind his own creation, Argen finally accepted the Villser Virus that existed within.

Argen's Gendrone Empire, it seemed, was always destined to possess a Villser Core."[11]


"Quallerran Overseer Elpherios was the first of his kind to fuse with Axis Technology, pioneering a special "Evolver" separation method that placed the dark Villser Virus strains into another symbiotic Axis-born lifeform called an "Axillioid".

Though granted a host of incredible new metamorphic abilities in this "Evolver" state, Elpherios now remains mortally connected to his bonded Axillioid, destined to follow the strange creature's fate, stand or fall."[12]

"The Quallerran have powered up! But will they find a way to suppress the dark legacy of the Villser Virus that dwells inside all Axis Technology?

The answer lies within the "Axillioid"..."[13]

Metamorphic Organisms

"I join them of my own free will, for we cannot defeat them ..." - Traveler Villden[14]

Unlimited Build

Shadow Villser

Villser Mutation


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