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Gelnos Masters from the Zorennor Rift
Vital statistics
Name Voss
Species Voss
Origin Zorennor Rift


The Voss go back to pre-production times with Rechlen and Aves including an appearance in one of their two printed books. The space trappers' partner, Gliporian, would join them from the Voss Biovessel they encounter.


Tale of the Super Crayboth

"Long ago, we fled our homeworld of Odravunn, which is located deep within the Zorennor Rift, and found our way to the Glyos System, settling on the Sporian planet Alcray. Our former masters, the Voss, are considered to be one of the oldest species in the known systems, Zorennor or otherwise. The Villser were originally designed by the Voss to be the perfect hunters, capable of altering their base Villser forms to quickly adapt to any environment. Our masters, the Voss, created our race to serve as a psychic energy source and power stabilizer for our metamorphic counterparts, the Villser. Three Voss Biovessels followed us through the Zorennor Rift, in pursuit of our fugitive fleet. If not for a Villser insurrection aboard the Voss Command Biovessel, we would have never won our freedom.

When we encountered the being known as the Gliporian during an altercation with two space trappers, our psychic analysis showed that its bio structure had been manipulated by the Voss. The Gliporian's metamorphic abilities and gelnos form greatly mirrored the original Villser core design. The Super Crayboth were engineered to combat the Villser, as well as the Voss. Axis technology must be used wisely, it holds a familiar dark power within."

Rechlen and Aves on the Voss Biovessel

"Symbiotically connected to their living Biovessel, the Voss move with ease as their surroundings change with their thoughts."[1]