The Destroyer
Vital statistics
Name Vulgar
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton


"Charged with the Dark Forces from which he was created, VULGAR uses his abilities exclusively for evil purposes. His sinister strength could only have been made by a perverted mixture of science and wickedness. VULGAR has a rotating head with large, evil eyes. The back of his head has a permanent drill bit that rotates with destructive power whenever he's doing battle against Maxx Steele's forces of good. He always carries a loaded mace blaster, which he wields with deadly precision." From the original file card.[1]

Character History

"Cruel and Vulgar, the twin engines of destruction. Forged from construction Zetonians and Weaponeer magic, they are a deadly duo hunting Maxx Zero!"[2] "Rough concept Vulgar. Ideal Toys was locked into a certain concept for the Force: they had to fit into a certain box size. I had to look at Vulgar and find what could make him unique. The original is basically a drill and a unique head on the standard body. My take is that he's a master of tools, being derived from the Zetonian construction class. He's bigger because he was a construction robot. An Axis Joint set gives him a unique head based on his original look."[3]

Originally Cruel and Vulgar were planned to come out together. Over time the plans changed which led to the creation of Brutal as Cruel's first partner.


See: Batch 237


Cruel's Drone

"CRUEL the DETONATOR of the CULT OF DRED - Basic Edition - Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible purple Robo Force kit, with TWO extra sets - one full set of black arms (twelve parts) and one HAMMERFISTS pack (six pieces)! You can also build Cruel's crabby buddy VUL-GAR! $24 each."


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