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Crayhunter Commander
Vital statistics
Name Vullestren
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown



"The backpack comes off to form a hyper version of the Rhythemitter that the Crayhunters use to draw out the Crayboth.

The build is contained, except for the standard Traveler upper arms and thighs, which can also be used if you choose. The "arms' on the backpack can fold out as well. Lots of oddball options can be explored!

I kind of like the idea of these Travelers scooting around with ridiculously massive mongo packs, leading various creatures into the open with hypnotic pulsing rhythms!"[1]

Super Crayboth Glyventure!

"Attention, Crayhunters! Welcome to planet Alcray, largest sporebog in the known Glyos System! The Rhythemitter we stole from Gatekeeper Viyer will lure the Crayboth into the open. After activating your Axis Armor, capture as many Crayboth as possible to proceed to the next sector. If you're dying to know what the Crayboth are thinking, utilize one of our genetically engineered hunter clones to gather more information and maybe you'll get lucky. Stay alert! Reconnaissance reports that those crusters have something big down there..."

Super Crayboth

Wave 38

Crayhunter Commander Vullestren

Redorange/Grayeen Blue with painted eyes and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf. $8