Weaponeers of Monkaa
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Witness the Eternal Battle!
Product Line
Product Line Weaponeers of Monkaa
Company Spy Monkey Creations
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa
Main Character(s) Empyreus, Palidar, Umbreus, Brutok, Gearion
Faction(s) The Gearo, The Vilhain, The Veridiohm‎, The Golden Army, Lava Strike Force
Also see Battle Tribes, Battle Tribes Wrestling, Warlords of Wor


Enter the world of the Weaponeers of Monkaa! Witness the eternal battle between the heroic Gearo and the evil Vilhain as it rages across space and time! Empyreus, Palidar and their Gearo defenders protect the cosmos from Umbreus, Brutok and the ravening Vilhain hordes! Discover the secrets of the mysterious Gohlem; will they follow the path of good or evil?

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