SMALL - super zeroid WITH TYPE - RGB - for web
You got the touch, you got the power
Vital statistics
Name Z-Core
Species Prime Zeroids
Origin Zero


Zandor's Z-Core, the legendary energy source of the Prime Zeroids, is also the most powerful energy source for mechanical beings in the known universe. Nazgar acquired one to shed his old life-sustaining biosuit and create an entirely new form for himself out of Zeroid technology. Maxx Zero, the secret 10th Zeroid, is also powered by one which was discovered by Hun-Dred during his encounter with Maxx in Lab Seventeen.

Another group believed the resurgence of the Zeroids would lead to the destruction of the universe. The Knight of Darkness and his legion of Shadow Warriors hunt down any mechanoid powered by a Z-Core and destroy the rest.


Zero Unit

The first new Zeroids toy in over thirty years! Meet the Zero Unit! Sold as a limited first edition in 2014 at conventions (and online for a brief time), the Zero Unit is the core module which is at the heart of every Zeroid![1]


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