ZEM78 profile4
Solar Storm Scouts Team Leader
Vital statistics
Name ZEM-78
Species Unknown
Origin Zeton


ZEM is a reoccurring name used in Zeroids/Robo Force lore. It was first used as the name of the original Ideal Zeroids toyline's flying saucer: ZEM XXI Zeroid Explorer Module. The name was brought back during the Ideal STAR Team toyline as the name of the team leader: ZEM-21. With the re-launch of Robo Force by Toyfinity the name has been given to the strange new partner Maxx Zero meets upon returning to Zeton: ZEM the Engima.



A chromed orange ZEM unit and leader of the Solar Storm Scouts of the STAR Team. The Solar Storm Scouts had been a group of more aggressive Zetonians. They left behind a octagonal plate marked with the symbol of the STAR Team inside the Zero Lock which was later found by Maxx Zero.


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