The Hunter
Vital statistics
Name Zault
Species Zeroids
Origin Zero


The great hunter of the deep sea! One of the three aspects of Zemo the Hunter.

During the original Ideal line Zemo was put together by combining parts from the original trio of Zeroids. The head of Zintar with Zobor radar dish, the torso/arms of Zerak, and the legs of Zobor. Zemo was also featured in three colors: Red (unique), Light Blue (lighter than Zerak blue), and Light Orange (lighter than Zobor bronze).


See: The Battle for Zeton


Zeroid Edition

"ZEROIDS® - ZAULT THE HUNTER™ The great hunter of the deep sea! One of the three ZEROID ZEMO™ aspects! Includes bonus AQUA-NAZGAR™ head!"

Production Zault - Neo Zeroid Edition. Blue Green with light blue/blue/green paint and tampos. Comes in Explorer configuration. Bonus Nazarran head. 17 total parts. Released on February 19th 2021. $16 each. A blank Blue Green Neo Zeroid was available for $10 (Limit 1 per customer.)


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