Zemo the Hunter.jpg

The Hunter
Vital statistics
Name Zemo
Species Zeroids
Origin Zero


Zemo the Hunter - Hunter Class with hybrid abilities from his composite construction. Due to severe damage to his physical form Zemo suffers from bouts of increasing insanity centered around a Great Hunt and visions of a spiritual creator of the Zeroids.

During the original Ideal line Zemo was put together by combining parts from the original trio of Zeroids. The head of Zintar with Zobor radar dish, the torso/arms of Zerak, and the legs of Zobor. Zemo was also featured in three colors: Red (unique), Light Blue (lighter than Zerak blue), and Light Orange (lighter than Zobor bronze).


See: The Great Hunter

Zemo the Hunter's Legacy

Confirmed Projects



Classic Edition

"The master of the Great Hunt has returned - with reinforcements!"

Production Zemo - Neo Zeroid Edition. Hunter Orange (Armodoc Odyranno) with gray/white/red paint and tampos. Comes in Explorer configuration. 16 total parts. Released on August 16th, 2018. $16 each. A blank Hunter Orange Neo Zeroid was available for $11.


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