Zero Lock
Maxx Zero with the Solar Storm plate
Vital statistics
Name Zero Lock
Species Zeroids
Origin Tarenz


The Ancient Zeroids which had visited Tarenz seemed to have been peaceful custodians, protecting something Zintar wished he hadn’t found – a Zero Lock. It's a container of the greatest artifacts of the Zeroids and required at least three Prime Zeroids to unlock, ensuring that whatever was inside could not be used against the Zeroids.[1]


The Zero Lock

"The Zero Lock found by Zintar the Explorer could have held any number of untold secrets of the Zeroids - but what it did hold was an octagonal plate marked with the symbol of the long-destroyed STAR TEAM - the exploration group formed by Zeroid Steele to carry the message of Zeton out to the stars.

Not acknowledging the potential danger in doing so, Maxx Zero grabbed this plate, activating it. Some sects of the Star Team had found powers so terrible they needed to be locked away forever; this item was not one of those items. It had been stored away as a gift. Used previously by the Solar Storm group of orange hued Zetonian Scouts, the plate magnetized to Maxx's chest as it shifted his colors to match. The Solar Storm Scouts had been a group of more aggressive Zetonians, matched with a chromed orange ZEM unit numbered 78.

Their gift to the next generation of Zetonian robots came in this plate, imbued with the ability to unleash concentrated solar plasma blasts capable of melting the strongest Cult of Dred metals... the only caveat being that Maxx found that neither he nor the Prime Zeroids could remove the plate, changing him to this orange color potentially forever..."[2]


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