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Zeroid Blue
Zeroidblue 77comic.jpg
The Miracle Worker
Vital statistics
Name Zeroid Blue
Species Zeroids
Origin Earth


Comic panel from the 1977 comic

Zeroid Blue is programmed to be a mechanic and engineer as well as the pilot of the Star Hawk. It can quickly cross circuitry to cause an explosive overload. Zeroid Blue has also been very useful at digging tunnels at a moment's notice, just not as high as ZEM-21 might have liked.[1]

Together with ZEM-21 and Zeroid Red, they form Earth's STAR Team Scouts on a daily vigil in the year 3000 to keep darkness from falling upon the Earth. Darkness comes in the form of the Knight of Darkness and his Shadow Warriors from out of the mysterious Black Nebula which swirls in the interstellar vastness beyond Pluto. Earth's solar system faces invasion as they attempt to establish a foothold amid the outer planets of the solar system. The Knight's drive for conquest is unending and requires constant vigilance to keep it in-check.