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Zeroid Hunter
Prime Zeroid
Vital statistics
Name Zeroid Hunter
Species Zeroids
Origin Zero


One of the old school Prime Zeroids, Zeroid Hunter is a member of Zemo's Brotherhood of Hunters and currently resides in the Fortress of Hunters with its other members. Zeroid Hunter is a Contained Build set which can be made with any color Robo Force kit, but properly is constructed with Maxx Zero - Solar Star Team Edition.


See: Fortress of Hunters


Solar Star Team Edition

"Help Maxx re-discover the secrets of the Star Team! Full 41 piece Robo Force kit with premium paint applications. Alternate build for this kit is Zeroid® ZEMO's™ deadly ally, HUNTER!"

Maxx Zero - Solar Star Team Edition. Hunter Orange (Armodoc Odyranno) with Gray/White/Red paint applications with STAR Team tampo. 41 total parts. Released on August 16th, 2018. $25 each. A blank Hunter Orange Maxx Zero was available for $13.