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during more peaceful times
Vital statistics
Name Zetonians
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton, Andor


With the return of Andor from deep space the Zetonian race has been doubled: Those of Zeton using the Robo Force Maxx Zero kit and those of Andor using the Zeroids Zetonian kit.


Zeton (Zetonian V1)

Zeton version (Zetonian V1)
Zetonians come from the planet Zeton and possess refined mechanical minds. They are a race of explorers and builders. The capital of Zeton is Celestia. The Fortress of Steele is located outside of the city limits in the nearby mountain range.

Andor (Zetonian V2)

Andor version (Zetonian V2)
It had been roughly sixty years and millions of miles traveled when the backup signal reached Andor activating core Omega One, the power source of the entire city. Cutting edge machines began their processes, building a new advanced machine beyond any Zeroid previously in existence... the Zetonian. Named after a rare metal found on planet Zero, this new race of machines would develop without the influence of previous generations.
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