Zetonian Proto Enforcer
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Enforcers of Andor
Vital statistics
Name Zetonian Proto Enforcer
Species Zetonian
Origin Andor

Character History

"In 2017, an opportunity presented itself to come aboard the @toyfinity Team to help in bringing its next design: the Zetonian, to market. It had been a crazy, cosmic adventure. Watching Kent negotiate with Toyfinity’s production facility in China, and numerous test shots where we all tried to dial in precise fit functions and decos.

Here are a series of “test shots,” after tooling is cut, the factory creates several versions of the toy with whatever excess ABS and PVC laying around. For some collectors, “pre-production” pieces can be a shot at obtaining a piece of history. For me, the intrepid civic-engaged entrepreneur, these test shots are more about concrete success. In 2018, we achieved a dream and became indie toy men." - Harlan Rosen[1]


See: The City of Andor


Proto Enforcer Edition

"ZETONIAN™ - Proto Enforcer Edition. Unlock the mysteries of the city of ANDOR™! INAUGURAL EDITION! Includes additional pieces not shown in above picture. Ships second week of July. Please note that not all pieces included are shown - we want to preserve some surprises for when you receive this mechanical warrior in the mail."

Production PVC Robo Force Zetonian Kit. Zetonian - Proto Enforcer Edition. Sentinel White with minimal black paint application. 26 total parts. Released on July 6th, 2018. $18 each.


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