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Zintar the Explorer.jpg
The Explorer
Vital statistics
Name Zintar
Species Zeroids
Origin Zero


Zintar the Silver Explorer - Explorer Class with magnetic hand and power sled.

Zintar has shed his original Prime Zeroids body for a newer Neo Zeroids form while exploring the universe for hundreds of years. Thanks to the Forgotten Zeroid, Maxx Zero's Robo Force team has found the one Zeroid who might know where a rare element is to defeat Nazgar the Tyrant.

Character History

"I feel like getting Zintar out there in his fully painted configuration really showed what the Zeroid can so, so I think we'll be continuing with the other classics in the line...and maybe a few surprises..."[1]


See: A Signal Link

Zintar the Explorer's Legacy

Confirmed Projects



Classic Edition

"The quest is over! ZINTAR THE EXPLORER is here! One of the Prime ZEROIDS, he has explored the universe for hundreds of years to fulfill his original programming. Years of upgrades have left Zintar in a smaller but more powerful form than his original construction, imbued with incredible magnetic power from his Magnet Blaster arm."[2]

"Standard fully Glyos-compatible Zeroid® kit - for the first time since the 1960's, Zintar returns!"

"Zintar is the first in a series of classic colored Zeroids. You can also use him in combination with the special edition Maxx Zeroid to make the incredible Super Zeroid!"

Production Zintar - Neo Zeroid Classic Explorer Edition. Explorer configuration. Gray with gray/blue/black paint and new tampos. 16 total parts. Can be combined with Maxx Zeroid for a special secret mode (Super Zeroid). First released at New Jersey Comic Con on August 12-13th, 2017.[3] Released online on August 20th, 2017. $16 each.

Maxx Edition

"ZEROIDS® - ZINTAR® THE EXPLORER. Zintar enters a new phase after learning the secret of Maxx Zero! Standard Zeroid kit includes bonus Nazarran™ head! Combine with Maxx Zero for SUPER MAXX! A preview of the new direction for Zeroids coming in 2022!"

Production Zintar - Maxx Edition. Explorer configuration. Maxx Gray with blue/red/black paint and new tampos. 16 total parts. Released on November 24th, 2021. $18 each.